PACSprobe Features

  • PACSprobe is free for personal use
  • requires Windows 7/8/10, 32-bit and 64-bit supported
  • Reads HID PROX and HID iCLASS, HID SEOS card number & facility code
  • Output to keyboard wedge and clipboard
  • HID iCLASS: also shows card serial number (CSN) via UID
  • Mifare Classic, Ultralight: card serial number (CSN)
  • contactless processor or storage card: card serial number (CSN)
  • Supported HID OMNIKEY PROX card readers:
    OMNIKEY 5025, OMNIKEY 5125, OMNIKEY 5127, OMNIKEY 5427 CK, OMNIKEY 5325 and OMNIKEY 5326 DFR
  • Supported HID OMNIKEY contactless iCLASS card readers:
    OMNIKEY 5021, OMNIKEY 5121, OMNIKEY 5022, OMNIKEY 5023, OMNIKEY 5127 CK, OMNIKEY 5321, OMNIKEY 5421, OMNIKEY 5427 CK
  • Supported HID card formats:
    HID H10301 26 bit Wiegand open card format with facility code and card number
    HID H10302 37 bit Wiegand format without facility code
    HID H10304 37 bit Wiegand format with facility code
    HID H10320 37 bit clock and data format
    HID Corporate 1000 format for HID PROX cards with unique Company ID code and Card Number any other format can be supported via data item mask
  • Tracks card events i.e. detects card insertion/removal
  • card format can be changed via configuration file
  • based on CardWerk’s SmartCardAPI(professional) smart card library for C#, VB.NET