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HID Mifare DESFire EV1 Card

PACSprobe now supports HID Mifare DESFire EV1 8K SE physical access control credentials. It extracts PACS bit data and decodes raw Wiegand data to extract facility code and card number.

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iCLASS SEOS Credentials

PACSprobe now supports iCLASS SEOS physical access control credentials. It extracts PACS bit data from the access control card and applies the appropriate card format to decode facility code and

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OMNIKEY 5022 iCLASS PACSprobe now also supports legacy iCLASS cards on HID OMNIKEY 5022 and 5422 readers. This means that now CardWerk’s SmartCardAPI(professional) can be used to access iCLASS cards

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Keyboard Wedge Output

Keyboard Wedge Output PACSprobe now comes with built-in keyboard emulation. Card data appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard. The new keyboard wedge software populates Excel,

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iCLASS on OMNIKEY 5427 PACSprobe now also supports HID OMNIKEY 5427 CK amd 5127 CK readers with iCLASS SIO processor. The reader has an on-board crypto controller for secure key storage

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HID iCLASS card number support

  HID iCLASS card Number I uploaded a new version of PACSprobe today that also supports iCLASS cards on HID OMNIKEY 5×21 card readers. Just like with PROX cards you can

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