Mifare card serial number (CSN)

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. It is quite motivating. Here is an example:
“It is great to be able check functionality and UID without getting up and going to an exterior door to try them. Plus the fobs (H10301) loose their printed number pretty quick and I can check the owner of found fob quite quickly now.” Todd G.
I am very excited to publish a new version of PACSprobe today. It now supports all standard HID Prox card formats via simple drop down select box. No more need to know anything about your card format as you long as you know that the card is actually formatted that way. Select from HID H10301, H10302, H10304, H10320 and HID Corporate 1000 formats to read your card number and facility or site code. HID iCLASS card serial numbers are also supported now. Not only that, any contactless storage cards will produce a card serial number based on its unique identifier (UID), a 4 to 7 byte value that is often used to identify cards whenever card keys are not known. You can use this mechanism for popular cards such as Mifare Classic, and Ultralight.