HID iCLASS card number support

HID iCLASS card number

I uploaded a new version of PACSprobe today that also supports iCLASS cards on HID OMNIKEY 5×21 card readers. Just like with PROX cards you can select from HID H10301, H10302, H10304, H10320 and HID Corporate 1000 formats to read your card number and facility or site code. Reading raw Wiegand (a/k/a PACS bits) from an iCLASS card can be tricky, because this can only be done via a secure communication channel between host software and card reader. This is to protect USB I/O from recording and replay attacks. Wiegand data must therefore be encrypted under a session key before transferring it from reader to host effectively making implementations with this type of card and matching OMNIKEY reader a much more secure card application than an implementation with PROX  (125 KHz) cards. I tested iCLASS support with HID OMNIKEY 5421, 5021, 5121 and 5321 readers using key fobs and  card form factors. OMNIKEY 5427 CK is not yet supported. It uses a different secure channel protocol that hasn’t been ported from C++ to  C#/SmartCardAPI yet.