Keyboard Wedge Output

PACSprobe now comes with built-in keyboard emulation. Card data appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard. The new keyboard wedge software populates Excel, Word, Notepad or any editable data entry field with card data. PACSprobe’s keyboard buffer output makes it very easy to capture card numbers from HID PROX, iCLASS and many other cards.
Many of you are familiar with so-called “wedge barcode scanners”. These are devices that are originally known as wedges because they sit between a PC keyboard and the PC effectively serving as an additional virtual keyboard. This means every time a barcode is scanned, the PC received barcode data as if it had been typed in. Data can be entered into a field in focus this way.
With the advent of chip cards and RFID tags, there has been growing demand of entering a card number into existing software, similar to a barcode entry. We are making this approach available via a “software wedge”, using CardWerk’s SmartCardAPI(professional) to send data items such as HID Prox card number to the PC’s clipboard or keyboard buffer. This makes it very easy to enter card credentials into any software application without any software developing skills. It also allows import of card IDs into Excel, Word, Access and many more programs. PACSprobe’s new keyboard wedge software feature  eliminates data collection error and makes this utility a quite powerful tool for system integrators and end users alike.
Even though data input via keyboard wedge (software wedge) is somewhat limited and the user must carefully place the cursor to the exact field field where card data needs to go, this approach makes it very easy to integrate smart card technology into existing applications without a steep learning curve.
And remember, if you need to modify card data, add business logic or card tracking features, or if you need to integrate third-party readers and cards into your software, CardWerk can always assist with customization services to implement any custom keyboard wedge functionality you need .
– compatibility with existing physical access control panels may require a certain output format – leading zeroes for example
– extracting data from any contact or contactless card and make it available via software edge, clipboard or API
– No need of keyboard wedge reader hardware with on-board keyboard emulation – a standard PC/SC compliant reader does the trick and keyboard wedge functionality is emulated on software level.