PACSprobe now also supports HID OMNIKEY 5427 CK amd 5127 CK readers with iCLASS SIO processor. The reader has an on-board crypto controller for secure key storage and processing cryptographic protocols in a secure environment. This means that now CardWerk’s SmartCardAPI(professional) can be used to access iCLASS cards on OMNIKEY 5127 CK and 5427 CK readers. PACSprobe accesses data such as card number and facility code through a secure, encrypted USB channel. Session keys are negotiated using state-of-the-art, NIST-approved AES 128-bit algorithm. Mutual authentication between host and reader, session key generation and data exchange over a secure channel, are all hidden. PACSprobe handles all this under the hood. The user interface stays the same. All you’ll notice is support for more card readers. We tested this with OMNIKEY 5427 CK SP 3.1.