PACSprobe now also supports legacy iCLASS cards on HID OMNIKEY 5022 and 5422 readers.

This means that now CardWerk’s SmartCardAPI(professional) can be used to access iCLASS cards on any OMNIKEY reader that supports iCLASS cards.

Mutual authentication between host and reader, session key generation and data exchange over a secure channel, are all hidden within PACSprobe.

There is no programming necessary. Just place an iCLASS card on the card reader, select your HID card format, data type and output mode (dialog, clip board or keyboard buffer) and you are set.

Ready to test? Then go to our download page at SmartCard API It contains a download link for PACSprobe.  Installation is simple: unzip the downloaded file and run PACSprobe.exe

Note that PACSprobe requires the reader to be configured with its default keys. Please contact us if you need a version of PACSprobe with custom keys. We’ll be happy to assist with this or similar program customization.

If PACSprobe can get an answer to reset (ATR) and  card serial  number (CSN, UID) with OMNIKEY 5022 or OMNIKEY 5422 when presenting your card, there is a good chance that we can add additional features that are not yet exposed via PACSprobe.

An optional beeper signals card presence and removal via PC speaker. If need be, you can use this setup just like a keyboard wedge which would allow you to drop an iCLASS card number right into a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

We tested this with iCLASS 2KS and 16KS cards on HID OMNIKEY 5022 with default manufacturer settings. Further info about HID OMNIKEY 5022 is available at HID Global’s website 

iCLASS cards on OMNIKEY 5022 now supported

You might also have a look at SmartCardAPI with its many HelloWorld-like C# samples. That code and SmartCardAPI libraries is the foundation for PACSprobe and it is available to anyone interested in iCLASS storage card integration in a Visual Studio/.NET development environment on readers such as HID OMNIKEY 5022 or OMNIKEY 5422.

We also assist with any reader and card integration tasks beyond PACSprobe customization.  OMNIKEY 5022/5422 and iCLASS is just one of countless reader and card combos.  OMNIKEY 5022 can also read/write PIV/CAC/Mifare cards to name a few, whereas OMNIKEY 5422 also supports IS7816 contact cards